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The State of the State Report 2020 is Released

The Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition (REMHDCO) CA State of the State Report 2020 (RCSOTSR 2020) is available and can be accessed directly here: REMHDCO CA Mental Health State of the State 2020 Report.

The RCSOTSR was produced by REMHDCO as part of the California Reducing Health Disparities (CRDP’s)  Cultural Broker Program contract administered  by the Mental Health America of California. The REMHDCO Cultural Broker Program objectives included education on navigating county level ethnic service managers, consulting for public hearings, troubleshooting institutional roadblocks webinars, advice on which key stakeholders to approach, and guidance on recent important MHSA funding policy changes.

The RCSOTSR  examined the year 2020 which brought unprecedented health and mental health challenges. The killings of unarmed black men and women took center stage in public awareness and discourse. Public reaction to these killings occurred in context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which itself brought a host of health and mental health challenges. This report presents the results of a study aimed at understanding the impact of these historic events on mental health needs and service delivery in California, with a particular focus on historically underrepresented communities.

This study conducted 1) a review of published studies and 2) interviews with community leaders.  These data sources provided a compelling snapshot of the dramatic effects of events on communities and the swift mobilization of resources that community-based organizations (CBOs) underwent to respond to the crises.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacie Hiramoto (REMHDCO Director) at Email:


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