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Korean Community Services

About us


Integrated Care Coordinators (ICC) Project  / Korean Community Service


Prevent or reduce trauma, anxiety, and depression among urban immigrants of Korean and Vietnamese ethnicities by decreasing self and social mental health stigma, strengthening cultural/spiritual/community protective factors, and increasing access/utilization of mental health services. 

Approach to program

Information and Referral; Linkages and Follow-Up; and Ongoing Integrated Care.  Throughout the implementation of these components, the ICC project will infuse CDEP core values/cultural elements: 1) “no wrong door” approach to needs assessment and linkages to services, 2) “whatever it takes” as far as types of assistance provided to assist clients to access services, 3) “warm hand-off” to qualified providers to prevent falling through the cracks, and 4) “noon-chi” or culturally-grounded relational focus as far as emotional support, checking in cultural and linguistic sensitivity.

Who We Are

our team

Director: Ellen Ahn, JD, MSW
PM: Jungwon Kim, LMFT
Staff: Danah Kim & Joyce Lee – Care Coordinator. AMFT


Current News


A. The ICC address the lack of access to care, support for access to care and quality of care by providing a meaningful culturally competent navigation of the systems of care by a trusted member of the community

B.The ICC address the lack of culturally appropriate services and the language barriers to care by being a member of the community who would be able to address the specific cultural and linguistic needs of the targeted population

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A. Increasing access, affordability, availability and quality of services by supporting culturally competent outreach, engagement and education to reduce stigma against mental illness and to raise awareness of mental health issues

B. Empowering the community by supporting capacity-building through efforts such as leadership development, technical assistance, inclusion of community participation in the decision-making process and establishment of infrastructures that maximize resources.

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Jungwon Kim

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KCS Health Center Address:
7212 Orangethorpe Ave., Suite 9A
Buena Park, CA 90621

Hours: (Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM)
Phone: 714-503-6550
Fax: 714-409-3075

general contact information

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Korean Community Services