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About Us


Living With Love


To support, organize and empower the indigenous migrant communities in California’s Central Coast.

Approach to programming

Living with Love(LWL) is a direct Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) mental health program designed with the intent to address issues of depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and (socio-cultural and linguistic) isolation for Mexican Indigenous migrant populations, including Latinos. By decreasing mental health stigma, improving knowledge about mental health issues, increasing knowledge and awareness, we are supporting the community in accessing mental health and domestic violence services. LwL is currently offering a 16-hour curriculum workshop taught weekly or twice a week in two hour increments to Mexican Indigenous women in both Spanish and Mixteco variants. The eight-session class series imparts evidence-informed mental health techniques and domestic violence prevention theories and practices, while reducing stigma surrounding mental health and expanding access to mental health services. The curriculum is intentionally written from the Mexican Indigenous perspective of collectivism over individualism, emphasizing respect for Mixtec Indigenous culture and traditions.

Who We Are


Dr. Beth Glenn – Principal Evaluator
Dr. Alison Herrmann – Co-principal Evaluator
Arcenio J. Lopez – Executive Director
Genevieve Flores – Haro Project Supervisor/Associate Director
Barbara Marquez-O’Neill – Consultant Educator
Dulce Vargas – Project Manager
Irisela Contreras – Evaluation Coordinator
Leticia Galicia – Promotora
Teresa Santos – Promotora
Luisa López – Evaluation Promotora


News & Updates


MICOP/Living with Love continues to work hand in hand with the community adapting its services to alternative times to meet their needs, while also supporting families to access services and resources. With the health measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the barriers to access services have increased for migrant Indigenous communities due to the transition of services to virtual platforms.

As an organization, MICOP continues to be committed to provide support to families in this ‘new reality’ by working and learning together to mitigate the challenges of seeking resources. MICOP/Living with Love has been directly supporting families in accessing services and in navigating family related cases, such as family reunification, child support, domestic violence, etc. The availability of our services during these uncertain times has made a difference in families who are struggling to manage difficult situations during these times. In addition, one of the key aspects that have allowed MICOP/Living with Love to establish closer relations with the community is the organization’s responsiveness to connect families to our different programs.

coming soon

We are currently working on analyzing the data of our focus groups to be able to publish our findings about the perspectives of mental health and domestic violence topics within the Latin/Indigenous migrant community members.

Contact Us

Principal contact persons

Genevieve Flores-Haro
Cell phone: 805 302-1912

Dulce Vargas
Cell Phone: 805 889-5075

Irísela Contreras
Cell Phone: 805 302-1503

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