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Indian Health Council, Inc.

About Us

Our Mission 

REZolution aims to build the community’s familiarity with behavioral health resources, particularly at Indian Health Council, as well as dispel stigma and myths that youth may have about the profession and processes of reaching out for support.

Our Approach to Programming

To destigmatize openness with expressions of our feelings and emotions, REZolution provides positive outlets for youth to voice the hardships of life through showcases of performing arts including, but not limited to, spoken word, painting, rap, dancing, and singing.

Our Team

Joseph Ravago, Project Coordinator 

Justin Rodriguez, Research Assistant 

Lisa Brucks, Director of Research and Student Development 

Dr. Deborah Morton, Local Evaluator 

Videos and Podcast

Pala PSA Video, REZolution – Pala PSA – YouTube

Pala Elder Singers, Pala Senior Cupa Singers – Dec 2023 on Vimeo

 Sunrise Serenades Podcast, Sunrise Serenades | Podcast on Spotify

Current News

REZolution is currently having weekly meetings with youth to envision and plan the next REZolution event in May. REZolution continues to outreach to the community to amplify mental health resources through social media campaigns, community events, and interactive workshops with IHC’s Behavioral Health Department. Some projects that REZolution is currently working on are creating a traditional foods cookbook and a daily podcast centered on positive affirmations. 

Contact Us

Contact Information

Joseph Ravago 

(760)749-1410 x5328 

Social Media